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In the beginning there was …. a return to work mother – with all the insecurities, doubts and fears that that entails.

At least, I know that now!

Before children (BC), I ran a large and successful City unit, with the help and backing of a brilliant team.

Then the crash happened.

Not the financial crash, the maternal crash – the one where you lose your self- belief along with your pre-children waist size!

Does anyone relate to this? Does it sound familiar, if so, how did we get to this place of self-destruction?

Well, follow me happy and allow me to tell you what return to work mother did next, it could be an eye opener for you; although I hope it will be more of a ‘I feel that too’ helping hand.

With additional musings on life, events, recommendations et al.... I’d love to have you on board for the journey.

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