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Less SoMe Worries, more Blogs and Action

Are there any other Return to Work Mothers who add worries to worries?

Here I am trying to get my head ‘round whether this concept is going to work and I realise it’s all been one long concept of worrying from – well, pre-conception!

Will it happen? It’s happened – am I ready? I’m in labour – am I able? Sh*t! What do I do now? Am I the drabbest Mum in the world? Who am I? Is it wrong if I want to go back to work? Who the hell would want me to work for them? How/what/where/when ….

Do you relate to the picture?

The long and short of it is, I suppose, I can procrastinate as many times as I want …. but it doesn’t get things done, achieved, launched – whatever!

Without the first, well, you know – I wouldn’t be a mum, without every first along the journey back to work, I wouldn’t be a return to work mum. So for all of the folic acid, nursery d├ęcor, frayed nerves and re-inventions I’ve had, I’ve just had to launch.

And, as the inspirational Seth Godin says: Not even once?

No. Eight times today. Just short of £1k views (thank you so much) and 1 comment, from my sis.

Please do tell me … is there anyone out there who feels the same as this - today, yesterday, this week?

thanks to cesitarvg and diryan5 (via photobucket) for the perficpics

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