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From this ... to that ... to this

September can be a time of heightened emotions for many Return to Work Mothers. As your child grows older, you might find yourself booking time off to watch them taking certain first milestones.
Last weekend was another of our parental experience firsts.
We’ve done the first smile

The first day at school 


and now this


The ritual initiation of leaving your child, miles away from home and enforcing them to fend for themselves. AKA - leaving your child at university.

Truth is, first giant was definitely ready to go and, facing the industrial clearance of the rubbish and dirty pots from said giant’s vacated bedroom, I would like to say that the feeling’s mutual. I would like to say that but would instead highlight the case of poor Mr Trebus . Hopefully, this will not only highlight a comparison to my task ahead but also divert attention away from the state of current my emotions!

Evidence suggests that we have been one of the early Freshers’ week victims, so for all you Return to Work Mums travelling in packed cars, with heavy hearts, this weekend – I feel your pain.

For this reason, I considered posting a link to a ‘Coping with empty nest’ site but I thought that the following link may be of greater value and insight to you, I hope I am right.

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