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The Good, the Fab and the Ugly (?) Grown up day

As part of my on-going strategy, I thought I’d start each week with the imaginatively titled - To start the week blog. The idea being that these posts could be useful as inspiration, information or something just take your mind off the Monday morning ‘bag, books, shoes?’/sleepless nights (oh how am I going to cope after maternity leave)/please don’t develop Cirrhosis at Uni  debacles.

My cunning plan progresses to a - Something for the weekend blog, with thoughts and suggestions for ideas to spark grown up times for those occasional possibilities when favours can be called in and someone else will be doing the weekend schedule of exciting things for our kids to do ie, the taxi run for clubs (music, drama, dance or sport, etc) and mind numbing stayawake overs.

When I say grown up, it may well be with some reference to the discreet notice in the Barber shop window of West Street, West Malling, that I use that title. Although I walked passed it on the way to my school , knowing the meaning now, I feel it appropriate to link the title to date days/nights grabbed by exhausted parents/friends, etc. 

Recently my sisters and I snuck off to the big smoke, on one such Grown up day and this is how the day panned out:

The Good
During a previous Grown up day, I had walked into the beautiful Arlington Square in Islington. The area is amazing, both in the architecture (yes, that slots into my love of design) and diversity. It had been a glorious day – the first of what has turned out to be a rare and lovely summer. The garden square was beautiful with bulbs and lavender, home-made lemonade and palms and olive trees.

The palms and olive trees have a journey story all of their own, by the way.

As well as the beauty and the welcome we received, the story of the building of a community added to the feel good factor of our day. On the first weekend in September there is a Summer Fete – and this is where we came in, by the gate on the corner.

There was laughter and falafel and much bonhomie – signified perfectly by the French singing accordion player (I kid you not). Thank you to the very patient Gordon, who explained a brief story of the (very) good that has been done here.

The Fab
My sisters and I are all lucky to live within commuting distance of London. If you don’t, please don’t ignore the possibilities for Grown up days in your local area (more on that another time). To adjust Mr Michael’s album ‘Try without prejudice’ has produced more hits than misses for me, so far.

On this day, we ventured to the beautiful Kensington Palace. The Duchess of Cambridge is Princess of Great Britain, but for a short while, we could imagine being Princesses for a day.
We had gone for the Fashion Rules exhibition but stumbled upon the Victoria Revealed too. Both were excellent in quality and information and well worth the £14 ticket – and that was just half of what we could have seen! And we were able to take (non flash photos too)
I have to squeak my particular interest in the Marc Bohan dresses that Princess Margaret wore – although the Zandra Rhodes (Diana, POW) and Ian Thomas (The Queen) were all exquisitely detailed. Ok, this generally wouldn’t be one for the boys, but on this day, the Sisters were doin’ it for themselves!

The Ugly (?)
At Kings Cross Station, for obvious reasons, there is a Platform 93/4  

On a past GUD, we whiled away a few laughter filled minutes by watching people clinging on to the trolley that is going through the wall and the jumping and scarf throwing that made the perfect photo with the improbable explanation.

Sadly, this trolley disappears in time for the late night revellers to board their last train home – and let me tell you, it is Muggles that are involved!

I have been led to believe that these Muggles are also charging for these photos. What I believed to be an Olympic legacy of goodwill, to entice customers into Harry Potter’s shop (sweets are £5 a pop) may well be an ugly money spinner. How ugly was the taste in my mouth, when I was told about that!

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope it’s a good one. Let me know …

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