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How was it for you?

Frequent long car journeys to Norfolk have given a different perspective on the ‘are we nearly there yet’ landscape-cruising. Invariably, due to differing musical tastes, this has resulted in listening to radio programmes I didn’t know existed.

Fed up with musical theatre and sport, the opportunities to be ‘educated’ with various genres of obscure information, included an interview with Danny Wallace. Described as a Journalist, Author, Script-writer and Producer, I inwardly groaned and thought ‘should promoter of recent publication be added to the list?’ Yup, that was exactly what he was doing - Charlotte Street was the tome in question.

Not a bad book. Good for holiday reading for long-suffering- hubby (LSH), moi and youngest Giant in fact. What can I say? It was either a good book or, a holiday that was short on reading material!

Promotion over, the interviewer, with obvious adulation, side-stepped at a tangent and raised the issue of Danny’s random acts of kindness. Danny will explain it better than I can: rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb


 I was.

The Random Act of Kindness Day is, officially, Friday. Personally, I still have a shy reticence in taking the giant karma army step. But tomorrow, Friday, I am going to smile and say hello to strangers. Will that count as a random act of kindness, do you think? Will you join me and see what happens when you greet a stranger too?

I will report back in my To Start the Week blog, how many ‘greets’ and how I felt about the result/s – and I will ask you the question …. ‘How was it for you?’

thanks to alaskaredsfan99 (via photobucket) for the perficpic

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