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The decision is easy, it’s the logistics that are the hurdle

Whatever the reason we decide to return to work, it’s not an easy start out of the blocks. Google for help and you have pages of what to do to get back to work - CV’s, Action plans, skills and qualification records, etc. But that isn’t the start of it for returning mothers.

When I made my decision I was very lucky to find a (free) Government funded course. This Women Returner’s Course ‘got’ the fact that returning parents need more ‘behind the scenes help’ than the usual job seekers might. Unfortunately, these free courses are now conspicuous by their absence (believe me, I’ve tried to find something for you) but you might like to consider trying a start with the following, while having a well-earned cuppa:

- Write down the skills you have and the challenges you have overcome

- Research Self Esteem and Personal Development on the web

- Most important, write down how you will cover the child care issues – including when they are sick and during school holidays

- Work out an action plan that provides a starting schedule of events - when will the cleaning get done, shopping, homework, etc. etc. And, by whom?

When I completed these tasks, they got my thought processes started. They were completed as a formal exercise and really got me fired up to go. I'd really recommend it.

I have found this Guardian article, from October 2012. I think it has some useful tips and links. One of which is to the Women like Us website, which you might find of interest and I am sure I will speak of in a later blog.

Finally, the National Careers Service link, to add their view – hope it gives food for thought. My thoughts? Well, opening with a statement that returning to work after having children, is an important decision and big step, the words negative, faeces and Sherlock came to my mind!

thanks to thchambers54 (via photobucket) for the perfickpic

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