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Part II: The Journey re-commences

I went skydiving.

Admittedly, it was indoors, so it wasn’t such a stretch on my acrophobia. Nevertheless, it was one of those moments where I thought ‘why am I doing this?’

It was my fault. In the run up to Xmas, the deal on a discount website had enticed me into believing it would be a great stocking filler and family bonding experience. A chance to whip away the teenage status and angst rug - to experience something new (and exciting) together.

It was fun! I loved it – we all did! It made me ‘scream like a girl’. Not out of fright but with pleasure and enjoyment of the WOW moment.

Reflecting, whilst listening to the excited post ‘jump’ chatter, from the back of the car, I couldn’t help but compare my thoughts to the ones I’ve been feeling about my Return to work Mother venture. The uncertainty of taking this leap into a new venture feels very similar to how I felt as I waited on the precipice of the vertical wind tunnel, waiting to fall and hoping I would be caught and manoeuvred into shape.

But ain’t that just how we feel when we are about to become Return to work Mothers?

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