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A Summer Wedding (and the dress was by … )

This weekend the clocks are ‘fall – ing’ back and next week our mornings and evenings will be darker and probably colder and damper too. Soooo excuse my randomness in grasping at one of my happy memories of the (wonderful weather’d) summer we had, to give you a keyhole glimpse into a truly beautiful English Wedding.

From the moment the invitation drops onto your doormat the scene is normally set as to what to expect from the great day itself. This was no exception.

This invitation smacked of iconic British design, huge love from friends and a heartfelt desire to welcome you into what became a charmingly quirky (in the best possible sense) and profound day.
The service was held at St Cuthbert’s Church in Crayke, right in ‘God’s own County,’ Yorkshire. Being a descendant from the red rose county, I furrowed my brow when the Vicar said that, but everyone laughed (albeit in an agreeing way; me thinks).

The view from the Church

For all visitors to England who stay on the traditional tourist route, this is what you could be missing, if you don’t deviate: Crayke
And back to the most important event of the year! With relatives and friends adding to the intimacy; poignant and relevant readings were spoken and beautiful music was played (both on the organ and piano, by an Uncle, I think). The Bride cried as she said her vows (maybe the Groom too), my jaw went into a rigamortis state as I tried very hard not to too! The sheer magic of the occasion, venue and families and friends coming together, was wonderful.
 The Bride is a seamstress at Glyndebourne and her true act of love was to make her Groom’s wedding suit. She wore this Jenny Packham dress.
Thanks to Vogue and Jenny Packham

And without wanting to be malevolent to the model in the photo, the dress looked even more exquisite on the Bride. In fact her arrival caused a similar congregational reaction to the one from the Queen, when the now Duchess of Cambridge curtsied before her.
Whilst the post ceremony photos were being organised outside, guests stayed within the cloistered interior enjoying the (homemade) canapés and glasses of fizzy stuff.

Apologies for the facemasks!

Then on to YorkshireHeart Vineyard where we enjoyed delicious food and wine, dancing and laughing until the early hours. With a big shed, decorated with love and individuality being the centre of activity.

My only regret? That I didn’t partake in the boules or, having been organised into having our ‘Guest book’ polaroid taken early on, we didn’t write our comment until the end of the evening. Good luck to all who try to decipher what LSH wrote!

And finally, where was my Rochas inspired dress from

because the title is about my dress, of course!
Dress: Tesco (discounted), Fluffy: Accessorize (sale), 
Shoes: LK Bennett (extravagant), Beaded Clutch: Vintage

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