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The Amazing Godfather

‘Look at the eyes’, she instructed and as the iconic theme waltzed into our ears a gruff voice informs our enthusiastic audience ‘I believe in America’. Neck hairs still bristling (from said iconic theme) there is a collective intake of breath as we realise that the gruff voice is coming from a ‘skull’, complete with glinting tooth.

Thus started an evening that would transform the way we had all viewed ‘one of the greatest movies of all time’. We were told of the business decisions pre-production, the controversy surrounding Coppola, the significance of citrus fruit, children, Diane Keaton’s wardrobe – the list could go on.

The reason why we were sitting in this stifling top floor room was because the Godfather is one of long suffering husband’s (LSH) favourite films and if he’s happy, I can get on with doing something different. And this certainly was!

The wonderful Bobette Buster was our director for the night and she led us through the film’s decade of profound imagery; whilst sirens wailed atmospherically on the London streets below and we munched on pizzas and supped pinot grigio. Yes, really - this was such a good night!

 We would have loved to have been able to ‘get busy living’ and gone to her story mastery on The Shawshank Redemption. Alas, not to be, this time – but when we have a free moment, to do something amazing again, I will be back in contact with the source of this pleasure! And maybe there'll be an offer we can't refuse ;)

This blog is dedicated to Matty Johnson, who was loved and was amazing. x

with thanks to for the perfick Godfather pic

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