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The Return to Work Mother Foodie

Admission: I would like to say that I am not a reader of Newspapers. Call it my protest against manipulative power – I don’t like, so I don’t buy! However, LSH buys a broadsheet and I am quite happy to peruse the colourful bits that come with, whilst he disappears under the voluminous print.

This weekend featured the Monthly Food mag and that is a perfect flick through when sat at the Rocket House Café having my regular cappuccino. Lots of awards this month including an androgynously gorgeous Nigella but, after noting down all the recommendations for hostelries and eateries, the piece that struck me most was the one about The Skint Foodie.

I haven’t had time to explore his site thoroughly yet, but I know I will ASAP - I think I will discover and learn so so much.

Following on from last Monday’s food motivated post I give to you my follow-on offerings for my Return to work meals.

Monday: Cheese Soufflé with stir fried vegetables (I had not got organized to go shopping, so leftovers and yes, the Soufflé has shrunk from oven to photo!)

Tuesday: Shepherds Pie (I didn't take a photo - I felt that would be condescending and I admit, I was being extravagant buying lamb mince and not beef. The drop in air temperature had me yearning for the difference in flavour)

Wednesday: Mushroom Lasagne with a Rocket, Beetroot and Walnut salad (delicious but youngest giant wasn't convinced about the Lasagne)

Thursday: Herby Chicken and Leek pie with Carrot and Potato Rosti topping (not a brilliant photo but, served just with the colourful addition of peas, it went down a storm)

Friday: A proper take away as we were in Norfolk (more of another time)

as I had a lazy cooking weekend, I'm adding the dinner that I had prepped and youngest giant finished off for me, for our return ...

Sunday: Braised Shoulder of Pork in a Crème Fraiche, Dijon and Tarragon Sauce with Roasties and Curly Kale

Please forgive the meal colours taking on the hue of the Dutch national football team. Blame the World cup, the contents of my veg box or my inadequate menu planning – what the hell tho', we’re through to Brazil!

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