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A sticky suggestion for your Christmas shopping

Hey!  So what were you expecting from this post? A Chocolate Bogof from the local branch of a chain store?

No way!! Today I take you North and to one of the Ten Best Farmers’ Markets in England. Let me introduce you to … the Treacle Market.

The first time I went to this market was a year ago. It was a wet bedraggled end of the day affair. LSH was ‘resting his eyes’ and I wanted to breathe the air of the silky industrial town that has a hold on my affection. Lying in the shadow of the Peak District, Macclesfield is the original home of the Hovis loaf. But before the chords of the New World Symphony start playing in your head (for those of us South of the Watford Gap) don’t just think quaint cobbled streets (although they are here and it does feel like you will ‘walk to the top of the world’) – think quality AND northern friendliness.

Then you will have hit the nail on the head.

This time I hauled LSH up the hill to the epicentre and then I gasped. This market had developed into serious business, no wonder it has won awards and accolades. To start, of course, was a choice of coffee stalls and then it was a whisk around, taking photo’s to show you, buying a birthday present for my sis,

spice rubs, Morecombe bay prawns, pies, oatcakes (delish btw), pasta sauces and then I realised we had only scratched the surface and we had to get to my much loved in-laws, for one of their gorgeous English breakfasts. A well worthwhile reason for estrangement – but I will have to return. No doubt about that!

In case you haven’t followed the links, the Market is on two more times before Christmas, next Sunday, the 24th November and Sunday the 22nd December.

Its usual delicious slot is the last Sunday of every month. If you do go, let me know what you like best and what fantastically inspirational Christmas presents you bought!


thanx to carltonreid for the perficvid

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