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An Autumn Weekend in Norfolk

In my How was it for you? Blog, I spoke about my long car journeys to Norfolk. Well just as the weather became changeable I snuck off to the coast to take in a bit of fresh air and fun (sorry, childhood memories of the Northern sort there!)

I was lucky to get the calm before the St Jude Storm and wanted to tell you about the British seaside that shouldn’t just be kept to the Summer.

De-camping in Cromer means that you get the traditional Victorian Seaside town that I love but with the addition of some local businesses that deliver my present day ‘essentials’.

It’s nice to have a first class beauty pamper, with a first class price tag. Followed by a cappuccino where the staff are friendly and the view is priceless.

At this time of year the beaches are expansively quiet and after my facial and coffee, we walk east to Overstrand. It’s so relaxing gazing at the sea and the birds and the changing nature of the beach and colours of autumnal vegetation on the cliffs behind.

On the top of the cliff there is a café that is open most of the year.

But normally we will stroll to the loosely termed centre and enjoy a glass of something fizzy and maybe some tapas or fresh fish, at the local hostelry. Then, if we're too chilled for the walk back – we’ll time it just right to get the bus.

Perfect! ;)

thanx to hawkmoon03111951 for the perficvid

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