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Be-jewelled and Be-lovelied

Last weekend Philip Treacy and Vogue led me to a secret horde of buried treasure – right in the middle of the City of London.

I was having one of my Grown up days and had aimed to discover Borough Market (and see how it compared to the Treacle Market). However, I had seen the Elizabeth Fremantle article in the October 2013 edition of Vogue (and a Blog post from Sasha Wilkins, featuring some cheeky little Philip Treacy hats) and I thought around my geographical head and realised that I could combine a visit to the Lost Jewels Exhibition at the Museum of London.

Of course we started off with a Coffee in the Sackler Hall Café. This is at the bottom of the building and was a lot more genteel affair than the tiny entrance hall café, which is the coffee serving equivalent of a trawl net.

Light and spacious with helpful, pleasant staff and delicious trays of a wondrous variety of cakes – this proved too tempting!
On to deposit coats, bags and cameras (in lockers that require a non-returnable pound) and it was past the Gurka Security Guard (I feel I have to nod to Joanna Lumley there) and lovely Museum lady, into the vault holding the exhibition.

Honestly, it’s well worth a visit but don’t think sparkly - think exquisite. As one fellow visitor exclaimed ‘What did working on this intricacy do to their eyes!’ The montage above cannot do justice. There were too many items of Tudor lust to mention, these BBC photographs showcase some of them beautifully.

There was a lot more information and knowledge to be gleaned than I anticipated; I would much prefer a guided tour . As with the Pompeii exhibition, the light was subtle and it becomes a bit of an art to dodge your shadow as you read the information cards below you.

Read more in this online Vogue article, where I sourced the Museum of London photo montage. And while you’re there, do make use of your time by walking around the whole Museum (it is very manageable) to discover London from its source to the Olympics, Royal Birth and beyond. I was very impressed by the exhibition that was clearly aimed at teenagers.

With thanks to the Museum of London and Vogue for the photo montage of the jewels

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