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Bullying, a Newsworthy Issue

I don’t expect there are many of us who have not been bullied at some point in our life, perhaps are even being bullied now?

In my previous To Start the Week Blog, I spoke of the power of Social Media and certainly this and the ability to search for whatever you want on the web, is probably causing a good few parents some sleepless nights of worry, following recent cases of cyber bullying. Additionally, as I write this post, the shocking news of a 30 year case of bullying is breaking news.

I introduced you to ‘the inspirational’ Seth Godin, a writer, speaker and agent of change in my Less SoMe Worries, more Blogs and Action post. I ‘met’ him on my Twitter account. Actually, I waved at him across a very crowded virtual room and he’s been far too popular to wave back yet. He regularly emails me though, which is nice, especially as he has the knack of dropping into my inbox with just the right amount of inspiration, 90% of the time.

So, I was surprised that two emails on the same subject, Workplace Bullying appeared within two days of each other. Why the recurring theme? Seth, are you having a hard time?

Reading his posts reminded me of a former colleague who was reduced to a sobbing wreck, every working day, because of the severity of how she was bullied. She’s fine now; moved on, recovered her self- confidence and had herself a baby. I know she's not forgotten though.

Seth’s Bullying is Theft post summed up exactly what happened. Here is an extract:

"The bully frightens away some of your best employees, because they can most easily find another place to work. He also silences the eager and the earnest, the people with great ideas who are now too intimidated to bother sharing them. His behavior has robbed your organization of the insight that could open so many doors in the future."

These posts led me to wonder how many stories and victims of workplace bullying there must be out there and whether any of you would be willing to share your tales of misery and, hopefully, survival and inspiration with me?

Like the consideration of what the next topic of Seth’s blog will be, I will have to wait and see!

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