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I need a coffee coffee, a coffee is what I need

I have known for quite some time, but feel I have to admit to my addiction, whether I visit London, Museums or Norfolk, my day will often be started up with a cappuccino.

It is my exhale to adulthood - but has become the symbol and pause for far more than the sum of it's equal parts.

When the second giant was born, we moved to a new area, left our friends, our pre-child location and ability to have access to an on-tap babysitting service. In addition, I gave up my career and became a Stay at Home Mother.

I was very lucky to be able to do that. I had been through the speed wheel of juggling childcare and paid employment but, as all those who have done, are doing and will make this move, caring for children full time, has its own challenges. Hence, when I was able to, I took action to become a Return to Work Mother.

Whether a Stay at Home or Return to Work Mother I think there is one thing that we can fail miserably at and that is taking time out for ourselves alone.

This is the reason why I took time out and took a photo of a single cup of coffee on a shiny table.

And whether you are taking a sip with the friends that you meet to catch up with, filling the time between the next pick up/drop off/daily task, having a grown up day away or just sitting and watching the world go by - the most important thing that we Mothers (or Dads) should do, and more often than not don't, is allow ourselves to take a little grown up time to ourselves.

So, whatever your Coffee (tea or hot chocolate) ... Enjoy! Because I certainly know that I have earned the opportunity to do just that, haven't you?

Hey, Hey!!

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