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Christmas: A time for goodwill to men and stress for most women!

Forgive me for the brevity of today's blog. In short, I am exhausted!
Last week I mentioned that I had two Christmas babies  Well, one had a milestone birthday this year - so cue the notch up on the stress meter scale, as I came up with the 'brilliant' plan of a surprise party.
Logistics and subterfuge are highly important here. This covers everything from the catering to the whimsical décor and surprises. Christmas comes in handy - fairy lights through the rest of the year would still look enchanting but won't be appreciated by a six foot something male who has just stepped into adulthood. Come to think of it though, in July, neither would a six foot tree in the living room.
I never realised how keeping this type of secret is so hard to do. Discussions on drink volumes and who wasn't coming were quickly followed by loud whispers (hard to whisper quietly when you think the cat's been let out of the bag) of "shhh, he'll hear you!"
Anyway, it was a success, he didn't suspect a thing and there were no real disasters. Or imaginary ones. That I can think of anyway. So, clearing up done. Recycling disposed of and here we go, second star to the right, and straight on till morning ... only two more sleeps 'til Christmas Day.
So, all the best everybody, hope you have a good one and if things aren't so great with you, please remember, there's a new year around the corner.

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