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The seed has grown into a newly designed blog page!

Although my paid work involves social media I am not able to utilise it for business in the same way as most companies can. This is simply because of the privacy and caution that’s required. But I wanted to know and develop more.

As I’ve previously mentioned Social Media’s uses really excite me.

Then I got an invitation to attend the Futureproof your Career Event at the British Library.

First of all - WHAT a venue Secondly, what a grown up singleton moment. I was time restraint free, with like-minded women, wasn’t the oldest there and quaffing fizzy stuff with canapés. I was back where I belonged!!

So, feeling singularly sophisticated, we trooped into the Auditorium and all 255 of us sat down, pinned our lug holes back and listened to Sasha Wilkins, owner of one of the Sunday Times top 100 blogs in the world. The cool and sophisticated co-founder of Moonfruit, Wendy Tan White (too C and S to accept my Linkedin reach out L) and Tarmara Herber-Percy co-founder of Mr and Mrs Smith (now they know some good places for sipping fizz!)

It was an inspiring and energising event. It made me realise that, like the Liberty London Girl 13 years before, I wanted a voice. And even if my voice wasn’t heard by the masses, it could be – at a convenient time, by the people who really need to know.

So, you see, my sign off for this blog is sometimes it’s easy to slip into our PJ’s/onesies and follow the cycle of our Mummy/Return to work Mother life. But I think if we don’t take a chance and reach outside our comfort zone – dropping our blinkers and do something that we think we may not like. We may not develop or be inspired or even eat the best olives that we’ve ever tasted!

And if I had not done all those things, there wouldn’t be a Return to Work Mother Blog. And likewise, if I hadn’t really liked a red skirt worn by Karen Goodbrand, I wouldn’t be ‘sat’ in the middle of my beautiful new blog design created with Jen at Magic Feather Designs. And I wouldn’t have you devoting some of your precious time to read it, either. So, thank you, all of you.

Do you like what you see?

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