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Your favourites, my favourites ...

In which ever way possible, I hope all of those reading this have had a Christmas that held some fun, traditions, not too many family rows or sore heads but most of all, a cup flowing over with love!
As we all prepare to use up the left overs and consider the possibility of a diet, the next Year fast approaches. So, please forgive me my indulgence, I thought this an appropriate moment to re-visit the most popular posts of my blogging life to date.
In the past three months, by far the most visited post was the one inspired by Leyla Hussein on FGM . I take some pride that, in a small way, you and I have helped to boost the number of signatures supporting the impetus to STOP FGM IN THE UK NOW - to just short of 95K. We caused the Government to issue this response Thank you for reading, listening and responding.
But, after some consideration, I think the post that I would like to offer as my favourite this year, was the one on the Lowry Exhibition, at the Tate Britain. I think The Tate Britain – matchstick men, animals and a rent collector has such a connection with life, as we live it, today.
Recent financial news indicates that we are turning the corner on the recession. I have a very cautious and possibly cynical view of how we, at ground level, would debate that suggestion. But, in the same breath, I have added the Lowry picture (thank you that depicts a fairground.
Because, even in the care worn bent up bodies of people living constantly under grey industrial skies, there was a day of fun.
I always spout that fun is something to aim and make time for. Laughter may sometimes be spontaneous, but sometimes needs a bit of orchestration. When it happens, it's the best medicine in the world. So, this weekend my suggestion is to reminisce, consider your achievements this year but, most of all, to laugh. Laugh long, hard and loud and create the memories of a close of year filled with fun. Even if that does come from sitting on your own watching Morecombe and Wise repeats!

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