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Review: The Guardian Blogging Masterclass

Last weekend, my 'something different' involved a breath of familiarity. Firstly, it was another back to school day and secondly, it involved blogging. I attended the Guardian Masterclass How to Blog like a Professional.


Following on from my Paula Yates post, I practiced what I preached and did something a bit different this weekend – a Guardian Masterclass. 

A Christmas present from LSH, on Saturday morning he was having his usual pre-event effervescent melt down, whilst I felt miserable in my lack of outward enthusiasm. Inwardly, I was considering whether this was because of some childhood trauma-type reaction, but then had a ‘lightbulb’ moment when I realised that I was looking forward to the event but that I just hadn’t formed any preconceptions about it. I metaphorically patted myself on the back as I thought that I was being very open minded!

Paula Yates was my Icon

There. I've said it. And proud of the fact I am too.

I don’t know why I’ve been thinking about her lately. Maybe it’s because of the publicity for the forthcoming Boomtown Rats tour or because of Peaches* recent jaw dropping handling of Ms K Hopkins. Either way, Paula’s been very much in my thoughts and I felt the urge to mark this revelation in blog land.

Living the (not such a) Teenage Dream

Last week a friend asked me if I had any advice on dealing with teenagers. Yes, I did choke and question their sanity – a child relationship guru, I am not. However, I remembered the desperation that I felt when I was being battered around the mental angst cave by the unknown entity: Teenager.

Out with the old in with the new

During this dreary post Christmas month, if all goes to plan and I'm not dragged down by an exhaustion that the whole shebang often leaves, this can be a right royal time for change.

Along with the post twelfth night/pre-spring clean, there's often a post sale charity bag up, utilisation of bottom of the freezer meal produce and revisited dodging of the New Year diet-swimmers. All of which are very worthy, but aren't as welcome as either of my regular January events.

Twittering #1: Starter's Orders

In last week's To Start the Week blog, The Twitteratti, I mentioned that I wanted to share with you a few of the Twitter tips I've found particularly useful, since my Tweet-birth on the 19th January 2012. If I knew then, what I know now, this is how I would take my first tweet-steps.

Back to School

I don’t expect that Michelle Odungedin knows how much influence she’s held in my life for  the last year or so, certainly today’s blog is, once again, inspired by a recommendation that she made.
Today, I introduce to you The School of Life:

The Twitteratti

Social Media moves forward fast and I've seen constant changes, additions and developments in the two short years since I first jumped on this waggon train. My current 'favourite' continues to be Twitter, not just because of its fast paced life expectancy, rumoured to be 22 seconds - although I suggest there are many variants here, but additionally, I feel I've gained the most out of the Twitteratti I've connected with and the information we've shared.

A Resolutionary Approach

My first Blog Post of the New Year and, like many co-bloggers, I’m not going to differ and am going to wish you lovely readers a very Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year. May it be kind, more than anything.
The decorations are dismantled and the tree is no longer resplendent in its ornate attire. There is the balance of cleaned and tidied freshness with the sadness of ‘it’s all over’ melancholy. Chucked in the New Year liquidiser with thoughts of diets and long weeks ‘til payday and it’s no wonder that the majority look for something else to focus on and take our mind off things.

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