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A Resolutionary Approach

My first Blog Post of the New Year and, like many co-bloggers, I’m not going to differ and am going to wish you lovely readers a very Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year. May it be kind, more than anything.
The decorations are dismantled and the tree is no longer resplendent in its ornate attire. There is the balance of cleaned and tidied freshness with the sadness of ‘it’s all over’ melancholy. Chucked in the New Year liquidiser with thoughts of diets and long weeks ‘til payday and it’s no wonder that the majority look for something else to focus on and take our mind off things.
Bearing this in mind, I wonder how many of you have made your New Year’s Resolutions.  I always used to make them, right up to a few years ago. Always made them and always achieved them. Whether it was to get into a milestone birthday exercise routine, to re-train and then (a year or so later) to get back onto the employment ladder or to expand my knowledge and experiences in general – they were set and achieved.
But even in the process of writing this, I can feel my self-smugness-hating-o-meter indicator going from low to high. Hence, I stopped. I’ve always been reasonably focussed and also had a good level of will power so there was no great achievement anyway and besides, I achieved for myself, in a very self-centred kind of way! (I’m a Mum; do I really need to feel any guilt in allowing myself a little selfishness?). On top of which, I did question that another twelve months before you set yourself anymore goals, was a little of a barren wasteland.
So it was with a little head nodding (not dissimilar to silently singing along to quite a few songs in the annual Sound of Music Christmas repeat) that I agreed with the Emma Dilemma’s No Resolution blog post . I thought it brilliantly in sync with how I feel about my self-enforced target setting.
If you’ve followed the link to Emma’s blog (I would, seriously – I love the little toe dip I’ve seen so far!)  and nodded at some of the quotes (btw, is it really bad that I had to google Dan Zadra and Andre Maurois - and I only googled them because I didn’t want them to be members of some happening band so I would then appear both ignorant and uncool?!) then you may have noted, as I did, that all of the quotes were about happiness. Which is quite literally what I said out loud, noting that I wasn’t alone with my thoughts, when I scrolled down to read the comments.
What a link then to the last paragraph of my previous ‘Favourites’ post – taking the New Year laughter through to the non-resolution happiness. Perfect!
Have I converted you?

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