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Out with the old in with the new

During this dreary post Christmas month, if all goes to plan and I'm not dragged down by an exhaustion that the whole shebang often leaves, this can be a right royal time for change.

Along with the post twelfth night/pre-spring clean, there's often a post sale charity bag up, utilisation of bottom of the freezer meal produce and revisited dodging of the New Year diet-swimmers. All of which are very worthy, but aren't as welcome as either of my regular January events.

1. The commencement of an essential update of my Mood Board (Spring/Summer 14, here we come)

2. The transfer to my new annual magazine subscription

Totally selfish and possibly weird to be highlighting them, both help to create wistful thought patterns towards the seasons yet to come. I wonder if I'm alone in my enjoyment of such mood enhancing quirkiness?

And even if I am, this weekend, I will still enjoy curling up on the sofa, mug of hot chocolate in hand, getting used to the differing editorial style and layout of my new monthly acquaintance.

Whatever you are up to, I do hope you have a good one!

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