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Review: The Guardian Blogging Masterclass

Last weekend, my 'something different' involved a breath of familiarity. Firstly, it was another back to school day and secondly, it involved blogging. I attended the Guardian Masterclass How to Blog like a Professional.

As I said in my To Start the Week blog, the opportunity was a Christmas Gift. The cost of the day included morning and afternoon refreshments and a very reasonable lunch. Plus, there was this view through the rain spattered restaurant windows.

Held at The Guardian HQ on York Way (Just behind Kings Cross), there were about 90 other attendees and it was a wonderfully diverse selection of ages and styles of bloggers.

 Likewise, the speakers covered a good range of topics that included:

  • Ten things I regret about Blogging
  • Smart Content and Guest Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Bloggers
  • Social Media for Bloggers
  • User Experience and Design
  • Monetising you Blog

It's a safe bet that most of the people in the room would have been exhausted with information, by the end of the day. Packed with useful confirmations, new ideas and down right sound and solid confidence boosters. Leafing through my reams of notes and handout material, here are a few of the tips that I would mark under the heading Salient Points

  • Establish a core loyal audience rather than succumbing to linkbait
  • Use a mind map to help you build your blog idea/s
  • Avoid keyword stuffing by excessive repetition (SEO)
  • Check out reddit, bitly and share buttons
  • Improve the user experience to your 404 page (enough links, you'll have to google that one!)
  • Define who you're speaking to

I would underline that I'm not endorsing the course. When I say it was a bit weak in a couple of areas, that would be compared to the rest of the day, which was of an exceptionally professional high standard. I feel sure that the efficiently dispatched review email will collate the thoughts of some of the other blogging classmates. I couldn't say that it wasn't value for money. 

Would I recommend you to go? Well, that would be up to you to decide. Maybe, if other attendees add their thoughts to this blog, it might help you make your mind up. I will try to encourage them for you.

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