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The Twitteratti

Social Media moves forward fast and I've seen constant changes, additions and developments in the two short years since I first jumped on this waggon train. My current 'favourite' continues to be Twitter, not just because of its fast paced life expectancy, rumoured to be 22 seconds - although I suggest there are many variants here, but additionally, I feel I've gained the most out of the Twitteratti I've connected with and the information we've shared.
My key thought is one of community. Yes, you do get some drongos but you either report/block or ignore them. For example, did I ever indicate that I might want to be an extra in a film?! No? Consider yourself reported as spam then Mrs 'strange photo, no followers, dodgy URL link questioner'!
I've taken it a step at a time, behaved in the same way that I would in conversing with other new acquaintances and I've felt my way as I went along.  I've certainly had doubts and have previously spoken about the pitfalls to bear in mind when using Social media but there are a few tips that I've learnt so far, which I would like to share with you in a future blog.
In the meantime, let me introduce you to the current Profile photos of @LibertyLndnGirl @patterson67 @missionstlyeuk @knackeredmutha and @mfdblogdesigns who are a tiny selection from the community that I have met along my blogging journey. Each, together with a good few others, have shared useful and valued information, insights, links and chatter; over a very broad spectrum of interests and writing styles.
Thank you all!

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