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Appreciating Galanthus Nivalis

I have recently discovered the prolific blogger: The Gentle Author. I cannot tell you whether said author is male or female. 

From Benefits Street to Haiku

The media tut-tutting and political pillow fighting fodder of the last month, has included the much edited Benefits Street. It isn't the first time that Mr Warhol's prophecy has fanned out around some unsuspecting and unrepresented victims and I'm sure it won't be the last. 

Let me take you by the hand ... Daisy de Villeneuve Inspired

The inspiration for my London meanderings can come from some unexpected places. I have kept a torn out magazine page on Daisy de Villeneuve for over three years now. It recorded her likes and loves within a rather generic headed article - London People

Using my vintage-style Pin, my interest had been piqued by the information that she lived near our London point of entry (King's Cross Station) and she labelled a local salt beef deli as 'great'.

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Being a mother of two giants, I’m sure you will appreciate my horror at the emergence of the latest ‘craze’ of NekNomination. As I write this post a fifth death has been recorded from this ‘show who’s the boss’ task.

Society is braying about the lunacy of this trend and I would lay out my cards and call Horrified but Realistic.

Yes. Someone had a birthday last week!

It was all over the media:  Facebook was Ten year’s old and only had three more years to live!

World Book Night 2014

I have a friend who was badgering me to become a part of World Book Night last year, enthusiastically shoving her three chosen Book Night titles into my hand.  I was very reticent, to say the least.

Twittering #2

My post, Twittering #1: Starter's Orders underlined the importance of starting up conversations with your Twitter Community. Hopefully, you’ll have found that one or two are starting to show an interest in you and a few may already be following you.
Well, if you haven’t already done so, check them out and take a look behind the handle of those following them - I've made some great connections by doing this.

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