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From Benefits Street to Haiku

The media tut-tutting and political pillow fighting fodder of the last month, has included the much edited Benefits Street. It isn't the first time that Mr Warhol's prophecy has fanned out around some unsuspecting and unrepresented victims and I'm sure it won't be the last. 
I won't be passing judgement, as I don't feel I'm in any place to do so. It was uncomfortable viewing and I don't think I'll be ticking the Love box of Love Productions in the same way that they may be selecting 'transfer' in their online account.
The nearest experience I've had to unemployment was when I had my career break. The early year's were a mist of caring and adapting to growing children - juggling finances to cover the (substantial) loss in income.
When the little giants started school I took a while to catch my breath: started an exercise routine, went back to College to up-skill and started volunteering in their classes. If I hadn't filled my time, I may well have gone on a downward spiral, which brings me back to James Turner Street's residents.
Circumstances altered my academic record from primary school *star* pupil to senior school mediocrity. No matter that forms would be filled and questions asked, if that had happened today. So be it - I've got on with it and am quite happy with how my BC career developed. 
I'm not like Mark and Becky, the 'Scroungers' of the series who, it later transpired, have learning difficulties. They met at Selly Oak Trust School a 'specialist establishment for unique students with special educational needs.’ Not a statistic that the show had thought was worth acknowledging, me thinks.

 Seeing Mark knock on houses on behalf of a diabetes charity, receiving ten hours of rejection and earning nothing as he was on a commission only contract, was very sobering.
Is that encouraging a human being back to work or destructive of self-confidence and self-worth? Is it the way to break the cycle and enable someone who employers will view as having no qualifications, onto the employment ladder? Is it evidence enough that 'Scrounger' could be the wrong label?
As a primary school *star* pupil, I loved Haiku and for that selfish reason alone, I'd like to close with this conclusion: 
Quickly we judge those
Hemmed within hopeless lifestyles
Soon yesterday's news
thanks to for the perfectpic

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