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Let me take you by the hand ... Daisy de Villeneuve Inspired

The inspiration for my London meanderings can come from some unexpected places. I have kept a torn out magazine page on Daisy de Villeneuve for over three years now. It recorded her likes and loves within a rather generic headed article - London People

Using my vintage-style Pin, my interest had been piqued by the information that she lived near our London point of entry (King's Cross Station) and she labelled a local salt beef deli as 'great'.

In days gone by, a fresh faced LSH and I had a bad habit of blowing all our hard earned loose change at the Brass Rail in Selfridges. It was a time when the outlet was squeezed into a window overlooking Marks and Spencer's Marble Arch and customers were, quite literally, wedged in by a brass rail. We would stuff our faces with the beef, gherkin and mustard doorstep bargains. It didn't matter that we felt like goldfish, It was the cheapest and best meal in the place, as far as we were concerned.

Times have changed and although the 'Chief Carver' is still in residence, the value for money, intimacy and subsequent eccentricity has been lost to benefit profit.

So, when the opportunity to combine one of our culinary loves with an exploration of the streets of London arose, I started to develop a cunning plan/route.

Turning left out of the station and over to Pentonville Road, we scooted right onto King's Cross Road, to Niven's at number 157.

LSH was hesitant, he doesn't have the love of authentic toasty outlets anymore - but sat down with his overladen butty, spying a decent looking espresso machine and a copy of Marcella Hazan above his head, I could see his shoulders relaxing.

In fact, I'm pretty certain we will be back - less than five minutes from the station and with homemade cakes, soups and salads still to tempt, that is enough of a carrot to squeeze around the large shared table again.

Refreshed, we levered onwards to our destination, which today was the British Museum. At this point, choosing your way carefully, can uncover hidden treasures of architecture and open spaces.

I was going to take a right up Acton Street, but spied some amazing looking houses over in Frederick Street - where I also discovered a cute looking garden.

Left onto Grays Inn Road then right into Sidmouth Street (by the Kingsway College), I could have been in Chelsea.

Turning left into Wakefield Street and meandering 'round to Hunter Street, we discovered St Georges Gardens - which looked like a beautiful spot to stop and discover. But time was against us by now.

So we drove on forward and left onto Hunter Street, passing (and discovering) the Renoir Cinema, Brunswick Square Gardens (with the Foundling Museum close by) and the Shopping Centre for the City worker, dweller and visitor alike.

We resisted (although LSH took the chance to purchase a caffeine shot while he could) and strode through Russell Square Gardens

and over to our destination, The British Museum.

Phew! As I have said before (and will probably say again) you see so much more of this City when you walk.
I hope you've got something enjoyable planned for your weekend. Whether food, exploration or exercise, I hope you have a good one.

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