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Twittering #2

My post, Twittering #1: Starter's Orders underlined the importance of starting up conversations with your Twitter Community. Hopefully, you’ll have found that one or two are starting to show an interest in you and a few may already be following you.
Well, if you haven’t already done so, check them out and take a look behind the handle of those following them - I've made some great connections by doing this.

You should be learning about your network and who the quality tweeters are. It’s essential that you know who’s sharing your content and who are better connected. Beware though, the quality of who you follow is important - but so is taking your time. If you follow bucketful’s in one day, Twitter might think you're a spammer (and block you). Don’t be promiscuous with your follow finger!

I keep an eye on Twitter chats and ask questions, joining in with the 140 character conversations. I know that Twitter is a place to be more outgoing than I may normally be.

Although, I don't mind admitting that, in the living world, I'm not averse to telling a just-met-sista that I like what she's wearing and, it's even been known, asking what foundation she's wearing (Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser, it has happened - in Liberty’s, and I do recommend!). I think that's a good thing. Right?

If I had a business, it would be essential that I share my interesting news and key information with you. For example, I was particularly interested that @southplacehotel seemed to have an excellent weekend brunch that I'd like to try - I never knew the hotel existed before their Twitter reach told me about the Eggs Benedict and Prosecco refills. I'm sure that information will ensure a future visit from me!

However, remember – don’t be a bore. Would you go up to a stranger and say ‘hey, buy my product – it only costs £ much’? Well, don't do it on Twitter!

On a final note for this week - are you up to speed with what’s trending (I prefer the UK filter) and have you searched any hashtags too? Both can be great ways to join in with relevant conversations and communities.

My most recent guilty pleasure was #educatingyorkshire - wow, did that showcase how things can fire up during an ad break! Take a look and connect with a buzz.

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