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The Malayan Connection & the One Child Policy

In addition to having been born in India, I had the privilege of attending school in the Far East. 

What was then known as Malaya is, to me, a memory of wonderfully hot balmy weather, fans whirring 'round in the ceiling, New Year fire crackers sparking  madly on the driveway and basic Malay language learnt during my morning only school days (in much the same manner that the little giants learnt french).

Hearts and Flowers

This weekend we are not only involved in the annual march forward into British Summer Time but many of us will also be celebrating Mother's Day. The one Sunday in the year when Mums should be honoured; apparently.

The Facebook Status

In the last week or so, I have been refreshing my knowledge on using Facebook for business. My previous Twitter trilogy, was well received and I thought it might be useful to share an insight into my Facebook findings on today’s To Start the Week Post.

I'm owning this weekend ;)

This weekend is a selfish weekend, forgetting any chores and catching up with those long outstanding tasks … but only if I want to.

The Girl in the Floral Dress

I was born in India and although I came back to England on the cusp of two years old, this part of the Indian Subcontinent had wrapped it's hedera like shoots into my life-stretch thus far.

Fairy Elephants

So. I sat down to read my introduction to the deep breathing mindfulness promised last week, only to hear the footprints of a runaround toddler on the ceiling above.

Much as I love to bear witness to the free excitement of little athletes, it doesn't really work when you are trying to 'use one's breath in order to achieve concentration'.

A Waitress called Amy

At the end of last year, I made a Christmas-catch up 'phone-call to someone who I worked with in my BC career. I happily admit that she was one of the many people who've influenced the person that I am today.

Working my Inner Zen

In the hours following the baby giants' births, I knew it would be a long time before I would have my Saturday afternoon free-time again.
LSH liked to spend his afternoon watching 10 men kick a ball around an enclosed and noisy field (and one standing like a very large fish in a landing net). I would toddle off, window shopping - normally ending up with a migraine, as my body let out the stresses of my working week.

If a picture paints a thousand bulbs

John Paul Flintoff recommended reading a book by a Buddhist Monk, titled The Miracle of Mindfulness. He said it would only take an hour out of my life. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to get past Chapter One yet, although I did read the Preface too. 

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