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Fairy Elephants

So. I sat down to read my introduction to the deep breathing mindfulness promised last week, only to hear the footprints of a runaround toddler on the ceiling above.

Much as I love to bear witness to the free excitement of little athletes, it doesn't really work when you are trying to 'use one's breath in order to achieve concentration'.

I decanted to the comfiest sofa, with the bestest views in the furtherest corner of a local restaurant.

Exhaling.... and then inhaling quickly, as the cast of Outnumbered bounded over to the sofa opposite. Well, it was one cast member, the girl, who had doubled up and gone back to her younger self. If you see what I'm saying. Cute, precocious and always talking. Times two.

Headache germinating, I sloped off and found a protected seat on the pier - where only the whiff of passive smoking interrupted this 'counting my breath and following my breath' business.

But, by now, time had passed and the sun was setting on another day of trying to connect with - whatever I'm meant to be connecting with!

Ah well, another time.
Thank you to Lala's World Blog for the perficpic

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