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Hearts and Flowers

This weekend we are not only involved in the annual march forward into British Summer Time but many of us will also be celebrating Mother's Day. The one Sunday in the year when Mums should be honoured; apparently.

I remember mutterings, from a dim and distant past, that it was an event 'from America' and basically - a commercial con. Maybe, but I will selfishly grab hold of the consequential honour and hopefully enjoy some sweet maternal memories, for the remaining 276 days this year!
My curious mind was wondering what the internet would throw up by way of explanation for the day.
True to form, most of the results spewed out, were commercial paid for and organic shopping links - although I don't have a problem with a British company selling good quality and unique products of taste and humour.
The American Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, by Anna Jarvis, in memory of her own mother. I was astonished to discover that Mothers are also celebrated throughout the world - on different days and months of the year; often having been linked to existing celebrations of a motherly nature. Some of which had been happening for thousands of years!
Six years after Anna started her campaign to celebrate Mother's Day as a national holiday, her wish came true. It was with some irony that I read on and discovered her disappointment, six years later, in the resulting commercialisation.
At this point, I have to admit to a mental comparison to the American grey squirrel domination of our native reds. My research brought the realisation that my childhood memories of Mothering Sunday had been served a deadly virus.
Long gone are the wild flowers, hand picked by returning children who'd been given a day's holiday from their domestic servitude, to visit their mothers and families.
Long gone were my memory of a day of daffodils, helpful deeds and family gatherings. Shame on me not to have realised that I too have succumbed to the commercialisation of Mothering Sunday.
And if for no other reason but to remind you of your own childhood, I'd like to link over to a Kentish Junior School to tell you more.

In the meantime, whatever you are doing this weekend and however you celebrate - hope you have a good one and don't forget to put the clocks forward an hour ;)

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