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The Facebook Status

In the last week or so, I have been refreshing my knowledge on using Facebook for business. My previous Twitter trilogy, was well received and I thought it might be useful to share an insight into my Facebook findings on today’s To Start the Week Post.

To begin with, as with all Social platforms, it’s essential to show a natural and genuine approach to engaging and developing your community connection.

I’ve found it’s pretty usual for people to feel fearful about displaying their personality on the web but I make the analogy that it’s like being at one big business party. Surely you would approach that with some trepidation?

Once there though, you would aim to start  interacting with those you already know, make connections with new contacts and then, I would hope, continue the communication and get to know your new connections.

Likewise, you would have a personal code of conduct that would mean avoiding foul language, bad behaviour or rudeness and that must also be adhered to online.

Enough of the visualisation though, let me give you my top five Suggested Tips:
  1.  Your burgeoning community will need to be honoured with great content. Make it new and interesting and post on a regular basis. You’re aiming to keep them entertained AND coming back for more, knowing they won’t be disappointed
  2. You should tell your story, encourage the feeling of getting to know the person behind your brand. Aim at enabling them to relax and start valuing what you have to 'show and tell' them
  3. You must be aiming to increase the engagement with your page – getting your audience to enjoy your page content so much, they will give you a thumbs up (like) and show their own community how great your posts are (share)
  4.  Always follow through what you say will be happening (e.g. if you say you’re going to be posting photo’s soon, make sure you do)
  5. Answer interactions quickly (set up email and mobile push notifications to help you here) and personalise your responses by tagging individuals  

Suggested Post Ideas

A weekly tip about your specialisation
A weekly news bite about what’s happening and add photo/s, to encourage more interaction 
Interview someone in your industry and share their knowledge
List your favourite (related) web-sourced articles – and say why you like them
Share your special moments and big events and use the status star to showcase them on your page

And Finally

Be aware, using a Personal Facebook profile for business purposes only, is against the Facebook Terms of Service
Add your Social Icon links to your website, blog and printed on your business cards
Consider demographic information to see if you are targeting the right audience
Utilise the Facebook scheduling facility to hit your community when they are most likely to be online

Unsurprisingly, it is impossible to provide an exhaustive post but I hope my views and the links I've provided, may be of some enlightenment. 
Have a good week,

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