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The Malayan Connection & the One Child Policy

In addition to having been born in India, I had the privilege of attending school in the Far East. 

What was then known as Malaya is, to me, a memory of wonderfully hot balmy weather, fans whirring 'round in the ceiling, New Year fire crackers sparking  madly on the driveway and basic Malay language learnt during my morning only school days (in much the same manner that the little giants learnt french).

It is with this connection and conjoined horror that I've journeyed through the continuing unknown of flight MH370. Certainly, the way that the Malaysian government has been vilified in conspiracy theories akin to those that may be linked to the US government, has puzzled me. In my naive way, I'm considering it to be a case of ignorance in handling an unprecedented disaster, rather than a Polonium - 210 incident.

However, it was with sheer horror that I watched the filming of the wretched Chinese parents who were dragged screaming and stumbling out of the room they had been corralled into, as they had waited in hope.
To have been informed, by text, that there was NO hope - was a vile ignorance by the individual hitting the text and send buttons and those that issued that instruction.

To me, this photograph of Liu Guiqiu (EPA), portrays the utter devastation the message caused.

My incredulity at why this anguish was being recorded at all (and yes, I acknowledge the fact that I am behaving like a hypocrite in sharing this image) was replaced with a Tsunami-like shudder as the realisation hit me and I thought the words 'one child policy'.

The loss of any death cannot be measured. The loss of  a son, daughter in law and granchild - is immeasurable. As I finish tweaking this post on Mother's Day, I cannot even start to comprehend what is going through the minds of all the relatives of  those who are still missing on flight MH370. 

The possibility that the future of your whole family has been snuffed out and thoughts of how your loved ones had suffered in their (possible) final moments is beyond anything that I would want to try to comprehend.

'My heart is broken' she said. Mrs Liu, I don't think that even begins to describe it.

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