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Hippopotamus Market

I would like to say that I’m fortunate enough to live in a market town. Unfortunately, the reality is that our weekly Charter Market generally comprises of a dominating plant stall accompanied by a motley crew of fish, card and household product stalls. The handful of any other stallholders hasn't really registered enough in my memory bank, to share with you.

Despite new market management four years ago, this Wednesday gathering has remained the same for nearly two decades of my knowledge.

As with any venture (blogs even), the key is surely to give your audience what they would like and, utilising a couple of over used phrases, ‘move with the times’ whilst offering examples of what your fans ‘might also like’. It’s certainly a suggestion that a well known online (South American-labelled) company keeps telling me.

As I don’t particularly need to make a weekly purchase of leylandii, feather dusters or birthday cards, I feel unable to offer much support to these stalwart traders.

However, this weekend, I hope to buy a cupcake from a local store, to accompany a cup of Marley’s coffee, in a local market that is going in a more uphill kind of way

But, if this is all a little too southern biased for you, how about taking a visit to the subject of a previous blog: the Treacle Market, in Macclesfield, which will also be in full swing this weekend.

Either choice are examples of how to be a bull and not a bear. They certainly show how market stallholders can create an upturn in their own economy - and dismisses the suggestion (that has been made) that the British weather is the cause of market apathy.

Who'd have thought it ... the British suggesting that!

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