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My brain is fuzzed!

In my continuing pursuit in furthering my knowledge and personal development, I’ve just spent the weekend trying to conquer Excel.

It’s been hard. Whilst Eldest Giant may be in the midst of studying for a living, I am studying for a learning and the multi-tasking and juggling of timetables has taken on a wholly different meaning to that of a full time student (she recalls with fond memories).

Back to the worksheets and workbooks:  I have to inform that a recent online purchase is proving the best value for money since my, now paint spattered, College Sweatshirt. Hence the reason for the focus in today’s blog.

Online discount sites can be a bit full on – but, once I’d filtered out the offers of massages, afternoon tea and quad biking for one, I was curious about an Excel course costing £200 – reduced to fifteen.

Ok, I didn’t snap it up – I am a mother who regularly spouted ‘you don’t get something for nothing’, to the weary giants. So, I researched the review comments – made allowances for those that were of a possibly questionable connection to the selling company and had a check of the current online price (cynically wondering if it had been temporarily hiked for the purpose of said deal).

Feeling reassured, I purchased and have lost a weekend to formulas, graphics, precedents and sparklines, etc.

Being a return to work mother, regular readers will recall that, when considering my return to post-childcare work, I knew I had to update my skills – so I went back to college.

If I had had the option of this type of online training, it would have been a bonus to be able to fit such training around my school hours-restricted day.

Certainly, if I was back in the 'what do I do now' phase, this would have been an alleyway I'd have loitered around.
Just saying. Has it got you thinking?
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