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The Old Curiosity Bookshop

A couple of months ago I stepped down into an antiquarian shop that first attracted me with its quaint Dickensian appearance. 

Snuggling in New Street in Cromer, I often march in and almost to the back (and a little wooden chair), which puts me in prime position to peruse …. Cookery books!

Despite the fact that I own in excess of 120 (I’m not counting, I am NOT counting), I believe you can never have too many – rather like shoes and bags.

I would like to introduce you to Bookworms of Cromer.

On this occasion, it was the day after I published my World Book Night post. I introduced myself to the bookshop’s co-owner/manager, Sue Liddell. 

Since her husband passed away, Sue and her son Richard Petrie have continued to run the business, which has been in the family for 30 years.

Not only stocking books for collectors – featuring genres that include Art and Design, classic literature, popular fiction and crime, but also a wonderful selection of childrens' books; which brings back fond memories of those library visits with the little giants.

Their stock is gleaned from trusted contacts and auction houses – stretching to London and beyond. 

With my own personal interest, this has allowed me to provide a welcoming home to Marcella Hazan, a Domestic Goddess, and a wistful look through the ‘graisse de cuisson’ bible: Larousse Gastronomique (amongst others).

Stepping into Bookworms is like stepping into a different, quieter and more civilised era; far removed from the hubbub outside. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, a wistful musical score will be playing quietly in the background - adding a charming and sophisticated aura.

Don’t be intimidated though. Bookworms continues to be popular with the local and visiting cognoscenti. Returning year after year, the adult and little giants’ needs for holiday reads and Art and Design aficionados’ thirst for suitable tomes, are satiated.

So, if you happen to visit this part of the North Norfolk Coast this year – why not take a look and let them know I sent you?! 

If not, how about checking out something I mentioned (a lot) earlier – because next Wednesday is World Book Night 2014.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter and a literary Bank Holiday weekend.

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