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(Cottage) Industries and Icons

How cute is this cushion? The label says it all – someone is an entrepreneurial talent and she helped to inspire today’s blog. Her name is Ella, and she's only ten years old.


Statistically Worthless?

The lead up to Thusday's elections provided a welcome end to the squirming, palm pressing, baby kissing, awkward and possibly career ending fiasco of the campaign trail.

The effect of all the pontificating and postulation was the sweeping under the carpet of a tragic event that questions the credence of government policy
Martin Hadfield

Chelsea Blues

By the time you read this post, the sun will have risen on the last day of this year's Chelsea Flower Show.
Many of you (who haven't been) may have pre-conceived ideas of it being an elitist, crowded event - filled with gardening bores and eyebrow raising snobs. Whilst I might concede that there may well be an element of that, I can only say ... consider without prejudice.

Mining for a Future

I felt a yearning to discover a part of the family that was shrouded in a gauze of mystery and secrecy. 
Call me Pandora, because my discoveries opened up a box of bygone times that cannot be equated to today.

My Virtual Weekend Wish List

The last few weekends, in the Kitkat household, have been disjointed by the morphing of LSH from Long Suffering to Lesser Spotted form. The kernel of the problem being a combination of business trips, jetlag and flu.

This has resulted in a lack of ‘Somethings’ for this weekend and my musings took me to the fact that I have plenty of ideas, but not enough time, money or weekend availability.

You said what about me?!

A while ago, I decided to ask three of my longstanding friends, the cheeky, brazen and possibly awkward question “If you could describe me in three words, what would they be?” Poor things, I’ve no idea what the catalyst was but the results quickly pinged back into my inbox.

Phoenix Lives

My previous post, The Force of Nature, highlighted the effects of the December tidal surge on the North Norfolk Coast. Since then, the South West of England experienced their own devastation and then British generosity came to the fore in the West and East.
Battered and gorged of their contents, the West Beach huts are almost ready, for the bathing visitors


Sliding Doors

I have a confession to make…

For the first time, in a long time, I spent the weekend doing little else than relaxing and being mindful. This included an hour long ramble along the beach (taking in the big blue North Norfolk sky) and a lovely Sunday lunch at the White Horse in Overstrand.

As we were finishing our meal, a mother came in with a child in a bulky pushchair and ordered a coffee. She caught my attention because she looked so like my youngest sister.

Thank Goodness, Max Clifford

Today, the former publicist will receive his sentence, having been found guilty of eight counts of indecently assaulting teenage girls. This result will hopefully provide reassurance against the murmurings and questions about bringing historical cases like these to court and will encourage other victims to come forward.

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