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Chelsea Blues

By the time you read this post, the sun will have risen on the last day of this year's Chelsea Flower Show.
Many of you (who haven't been) may have pre-conceived ideas of it being an elitist, crowded event - filled with gardening bores and eyebrow raising snobs. Whilst I might concede that there may well be an element of that, I can only say ... consider without prejudice.

  Our first expedition was quite a few years ago - we were a group of Mum's who were just about able to venture into 'The Big City' and leave the kids back home; baby sat by those who entertain with football matches and takeaways.

It's not often that people give London the moniker 'a breath of fresh air' but this day, I and three others were breathing it in - and what better place to do so, than the Royal Hospital Grounds, Chelsea.

If I'm honest, the daily hour of TV coverage this week is, as far as I'm concerned,  milking it a bit. I'm sure the required viewing figures are being achieved but, unless you are a gardening boffin, I have to raise my glass of Pinot in agreement that seeing each show garden discussed from yet another angle each day, can seem a bit like working out the Pythagorean Theorem.

Not that I do that of course!

Anyway, let's slip back to south west London. Imagine a place where you are surrounded by THE MOST BE - OOTIFUL flowers, gardens and atmosphere.

Yes, it can be crowded but, get there early, make the best use of your day ticket and slip into a restaurant serving a decent flute of fizzy with a freshly plated salmon salad lunch and I defy you not to breath in slowly, exhale and consider (in that post Jubilee/Olympic kinda way) 'Gosh, the British do this type of thing, so well' (or words to that effect).

So, from the intoxicating fragrance of the floral marquee to the devilishly
insouciant ringing of the final bell -the event is one that I would definitely recommend.

  And if, like me, you've missed it again this year, may I recommend the inclusion in a previous blogpost? The wonderful London Open Gardens Weekend is less than a month away and by that time - it will be the era of the glass of Pimms!
Wishing you a fab bank holiday weekend. *smiley face*

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