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My Virtual Weekend Wish List

The last few weekends, in the Kitkat household, have been disjointed by the morphing of LSH from Long Suffering to Lesser Spotted form. The kernel of the problem being a combination of business trips, jetlag and flu.

This has resulted in a lack of ‘Somethings’ for this weekend and my musings took me to the fact that I have plenty of ideas, but not enough time, money or weekend availability.

In short: the mental is willing but the physical ain’t able.

I pondered that there must be other people in the same position. I’m sure the lady in my Sliding Doors post, would have mentally wanted an hour on her laptop, for example (physically, that couldn’t happen).

Then I thought - what about a virtual weekend? One where I could say this is what I would do if I was stepping into an 'anything’s possible' weekend; I should make a list!

After all, there’s no harm in wishing, or letting you know, about my ‘could, would, should’ suggestions. Just in case you can, will, shall want to take them up yourself:

  1. Regular readers will know that I've previously highlighted a course I attended at the School of Life. Of course, I now get regular email alerts with recommendations of future courses. I had to dismiss the Returning to Work after children course (I thought I’d reference it here in the name of blog appropriateness though), but Igniting Creativity and Mindfulness (of course) may be enough to push my intrigue boundaries.
  2. Aah, the Victoria and Albert Museum. One day I will have an annual pass! I've always known about it but only recently explored. The Morris, Gamble and Poynter rooms of the Café, are always worth a mesmerising sojourn, before collecting pre-booked tickets to more exquisiteness.
  3. Three times I've returned to the TateBritain in the hope of securing brunch in the RexWhistler Restaurant. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, the refurbishment dragged on endlessly and we haven’t returned (yet) since the £45m cheque has been cashed.
  4. I've heard that the Vikings Exhibition, at the British Museum, is very good. I’d dismissed it because I'm not fond of pillaging, but the Prosecco and (Citrus marinated Gordal) olives, in the Great Court Restaurant, will always pull me through, I’m sure.
  5. A little early for seeing Regents Park in its glorious, billowing best – but give it a month or so, and a sunny day, and it’s a discovery as glorious as my cherished Versailles.
  6. The last time I went to the (now named) Skylon Restaurant, it was under the wing of Gary Rhodes. The view remains the same and the stroll from the MatisseExhibition, at the Tate Modern, would provide a wonderfully gentle appetite stimulant.  
And Finally - Shopping! 

To begin:  Cos, BananaRepublic, & other stories. To end: A cocktail in the Windows Bar … and why not? ;)

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