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Statistically Worthless?

The lead up to Thusday's elections provided a welcome end to the squirming, palm pressing, baby kissing, awkward and possibly career ending fiasco of the campaign trail.

The effect of all the pontificating and postulation was the sweeping under the carpet of a tragic event that questions the credence of government policy
Martin Hadfield
When Martin Hadfield took his own life, those closest to him told of the despair that unemployment and a penurious lifestyle had buried him in.

Having witnessed the destruction of hope, confidence and self esteem caused by the futile daily job search, conducted in the hope of providing an income, self sufficiency and feeling of self worth - I can relate to this observation.
The daily web search and newpaper scouring, would create a grasp at possibilities, only to be dashed over and over with the 'not successful' email, or worse, the 'worth even less' - no email at all.
 There are rumours that the agency website job possibilities are just pie in the sky falsehoods anyway, with no substance or available vacancy behind them (ie. your search is in vain - but ha ha, thanks for increasing our website activity - it's good to quote our puffed up visit stats to market our company).

I was horrified when Nick Ferrari, a journalist whose opinion I normally value, suggested there could be other issues involved in Martin's decision to hang himself. 
Let me repeat - you cannot equate to the destruction of hope, unless you have observed the act of fruitless job seeking and the degradation of attending a job centre interview (especially when some individuals treat their raison d'ĂȘtre with a contemptuous and supercilious attitude). 
Walter Greenwood's novel, Love on the Dole, depicts the despiration (as well as the raw poverty of the 1930s). I wonder if anyone has considered chronicling the tale of our modern day media fodder?
And yet, an attempt at getting people into an active vocation resulted in a farcical and expensive outcome when, in my over-simplistic view, I would suggest a match dot com that's closer to home (as advertised on the Government website), as a means of providing medicine to all interested parties.

In the meantime, the fox is in the chicken coop, but as far as my knowledge goes, a fox is a sly creature and chickens are good at preening and concerning themselves with their pecking order. 

Neither of which helps towards the solution to this national tragedy.
Martin, with his beautiful Mother

thank you to Annie O'Gorman and Cavendish for the photographs

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