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You said what about me?!

A while ago, I decided to ask three of my longstanding friends, the cheeky, brazen and possibly awkward question “If you could describe me in three words, what would they be?” Poor things, I’ve no idea what the catalyst was but the results quickly pinged back into my inbox.

My choice of targeted friends was as strategically random as my initial introduction to each of them. If you don’t mind, I will bring you up to speed (names have been altered to protect identities).

Ms Lollobrigida:  First Hello completed, she launched into a complaint, to future husband, that the shoes he’d bought her, were the wrong ones – something I completely connected with, and thought - ‘I like her.’

Ms Sarandon: We had a row! The next day, we started our friendship.

Ms Callas: Asked if I had seen the flasher in front of our houses that morning (she’d just moved in – classy welcome).

My point being - strange beginnings can produce amazing journeys.

Friends can become the crutch you need, when you most need it. When I was burgled, one dropped everything to provide a shoulder to rest my shocked head on. 

Another whisked eldest giant away for the morning, whilst I sat exhausted with prenatal bulk – contemplating the imminent arrival of youngest giant. 

I could think of many more, but I would love to hear any such 'friendship moments' that you are willing to share.

So, the results from my jury were in. Apparently, they think I am:

Loyal (twice)

Do I feel embarrassed sharing these with you? Yes. Would I suggest you try this with your friends? Yes!

Does this give you the catalyst to think about doing so?

Sometimes, we can all be hyper self-critical and it would probably prove to be just the exercise to alleviate this. The Give Yourself a Break exercise, in fact. Either that, or a steep learning curve as to what changes are suggested!

Anyway, it was undoubtedly because of the person that is (apparently) me, that, early on Saturday morning, I found myself on the dull, wet Road to Hell, to put some of these suggested traits to practice.

Unfortunately, one of the inevitabilities of life is that one day it will end. And with the end comes an enormity of chattels that loved ones are left to put in order. My task was to help create a pathway of organisation that would clear the appropriately named ‘Boxroom’ of such holdings.

Thirty odd charity bags, five recyclable mobile phones, one car boot full of rubbish and sixteen hours later, the tutt and tatt had been conquered and the organisation of the possessions that belonged to a funny, inspiring and clever man, (my three words), were brought to order. (More than he would ever have allowed, when he was alive, I’m sure).

If you're fortunate, in your lifetime, you will garner a Tooty Fruitie bag full of friendship, personalities and experiences. It's unlikely that all flavours will turn out to be to your liking - but I hope the majority, will be confirmed with the finest, exceptional and genuine friendships, that you could ever need.

Wishing you a very friendly week,

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