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Have you ever come to the point where you really feel there's an invisible brick wall blocking your route to where you'd like to be?

Rituals, Ceremonies and Superstitions

The weekend provided me with a mixed bag of activities.
Starting with a glass of rosé in the garden of a traditional English pub, I was soaking up the last of the day's rays, while many were journeying to Stonehenge to be part of the Summer Solstice
I have to admit, I really don't get that Litha thing; very strange.

Up Up and Away!

At the beginning of last week, one of my newly acquainted twitter chums reminded me of the separation anxiety caused by the Key Stage 2 residential trip.

As is the case with many milestones like this, the occasion is as much of an education in aiding the anxious parent, as it is the homesick fledgling.

What is the Cost of a Prawn these Days?

I've been haunted by an article that I read on Tuesday 10th June. 

 I know I have previously highlighted the extremes of bullying and I would urge you to try to watch the video link within the aforementioned article and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

I believe this is investigative journalism at its best.

The Lungs of London

Apologies to all you Out of Towners, but this weekend, I will be indulging in the voyeurism of London’ s Open GardenSquares Weekend:

“From historic and well-groomed squares, to contemporary community allotments and roof gardens – there is a garden for everyone to discover, explore and enjoy.”

We Will Remember Them

Fred Holborn, Fleet Air Arm, Gold Beach

Last Friday, the sixth of June, saw the dawn of the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings.

I have always been aware of this event, which saw a flotilla of nearly 14 thousand vessels, large and small, provide a united multi-national attack and move towards the ‘beginning of the end’ of WWII. However, I knew little more than that.

The Scents of Summer

When I was a child, I was a typical tomboy. 

I would have been quite happy to have changed my name to George, taken ownership of a dog called Timmy and regularly rowed to KirrinIsland for lashings of Ginger beer

Hezus – Shaddap!

Saturday night, was a grown up dinner night at Sumosan. We met up with a couple who’s wedding we attended, almost two years ago.

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