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The Scents of Summer

When I was a child, I was a typical tomboy. 

I would have been quite happy to have changed my name to George, taken ownership of a dog called Timmy and regularly rowed to KirrinIsland for lashings of Ginger beer

Although, when I eventually tasted ginger beer, I found it as questionable as the strange goings on of Uncle Quentin.

In short, in my life, there was no room for frills, dresses, the colour pink or anything else that could be linked to being a girl.

I don’t know when the transition happened – possibly sometime between meeting LSH and the birth of two giants, but my feminine gene seemed to develop into a full blown handbags, shoes, sorbet colours (ok, that’s this season) and perfumed accompaniments obsession.

And as this year's first of June rewarded our corner of England with a suitably glorious day, my mind turned to the summer swap over of clothing and perfume.

I’m sure I’m firmly putting myself in the box marked bourgeoisie but I’ll admit, it’s my little bit of inexpensive self- indulgence. 

One thing I can't do is a daily upload to WIWT – I’d love to but hey – who does have the money? (Poppy Dinsey)

So, I take the next best thing – the annual Winter/Summer/Winter turnaround of seasonal clothes and perfumes.

And if you are interested, my current summer favscentsourites are:

  • Missoni by Missoni – although I have to use the body lotion – I find the perfume to cloying
  • Verbenas of Provence by Jo Malone – not strictly true as it has been by Estee Lauder since 2006
  • Philosykos by Diptyque – my go to hotter-climate-holiday spritz. (I have to admit to having already partaken a few sneaky pre-change-over spritzes, at the first signs of the promise of Summer tho')
Just three favourites that help to trigger my summer senses as much as newly mown grass. What are yours? Do you have Summer and Winter scents? I'd love to get some recommendations.

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