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Up Up and Away!

At the beginning of last week, one of my newly acquainted twitter chums reminded me of the separation anxiety caused by the Key Stage 2 residential trip.

As is the case with many milestones like this, the occasion is as much of an education in aiding the anxious parent, as it is the homesick fledgling.

With good fortune, good schools and dedicated teachers this, quite often inaugural trip, starts the big ball rolling towards independent adulthood.

Less than a month after my attempted soothing re-assurance to KS2 Ma, I will be waving youngest giant off on the first truly independent package tour abroad.

To Malia.

The Inbetweeners have a lot to answer for! 

I say independent, but it's begining to dawn on me that, despite the protestations of ‘not being a child anymore’- if a guided approach is not instigated - said giant will have plenty of clean underwear but no suntan lotion, insect repellent or even hat to shelter the hungover head, from the hot Cretan sun.

I could almost label it as a paraphrased case of no hat for red head – plenty of knickers! 

Above all though, I am reminded of something our Popa said a good few years ago ‘You never stop worrying about your children, no matter how old they are.'

Well ain't that just about right?!

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