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What is the Cost of a Prawn these Days?

I've been haunted by an article that I read on Tuesday 10th June. 

 I know I have previously highlighted the extremes of bullying and I would urge you to try to watch the video link within the aforementioned article and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.

I believe this is investigative journalism at its best.

The complete opposite to the current ongoing Old Bailey trial that involves alleged phone hacking, corruption and perversion of the course of justice.

I have always wondered how outlets can charge eye-wateringly low prices for something that, not so long ago, was thought to be a luxury item.

Now I know (because I struggled through the video to the end) and my eyes were watering with the inhumane evidence, so expertly edited together.
We can all make a difference, with carefully considered action. We helped towards the stand against FGM, as highlighted in my mostpopular post to date.

If the photograph above looked appetising before … how appetising does it look now? How much do you think the cost of a prawn is today?

thank you to for the perficpic

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