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 I wasn’t very happy about last week’s blog, but then, I wasn’t very happy!

The previous weekend, my sisters and I had a hot and happy day, strolling and eating our way from Borough Market (arriving early, to squeeze in before the crowds) to Mayfair. Pausing in St James’s Park, after a sun soaked walk along the Southbank and Whitehall.

I always get lulled into this crazy assumption that, when the sun’s out in England, it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Knowing I would be returning the following weekend, I had planned to take in Borough Market again (Dan can tell you why) and nab a couple of the £5 tickets at the Globe. A Picnic with our purchased tuck and (hopefully) a glass or two of something fizzy, it was a perfect vision in my mind’s eye.

Unfortunately, by the time I came to write my post, torrential rain was forecast and I’d heard rumours that the play was so gruesome and bloody, the audience had been fainting on their nosegays.

I was fed up and I wasn’t happy. Hence my grunting oink of a post.

Not one to be defeated though, I pulled together another plan, securing another suggestion for London exploration discovery. This time we went East.

Starting, again, in Borough Market - a coffee, oysters and handfuls of delicacies later, we grabbed a healthy juice and started towards Butlers Wharf – the area formerly known as Conran’s Gastrodome and the slightly unimposing Design Museum.

After a bit of a dogleg back to Tower Bridge

 – which was standing to attention, as a tall ship sailed by – and then on to St Catherine’s Dock.

I had planned for a tapas lunch but, as has often been the case here, it suggested 'a bit overpriced and of questionable authenticity'. So, again we strode on, in the now humid and sweltering heat, flopping under a ceiling fan in a Spitalfields’ seafood restaurant. 

Perhaps as well - the planned Afternoon Tea, under the domed roof of a former City Banking Hall - was a ‘disaster darling’. Nevertheless, we slouched home with happy hearts, a stuffed cool bag and not a drop of rain had fallen!

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