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Save Our Children

 This is not a political post nor is it the usual Something for the Weekend post. 
In much the same way as the Blog that really got you linking and acting, the subject is both upsetting and abhorrent.
 As a mother, I have become increasingly distressed to hear about the murder, torture and mental cruelty to children, who are no different, or any less loved, than our own. 
Their plight, or that of the countries that they live in, has been headlining the news, for it seems, much of this year. The only thing that has caused their situation, is the geographical location of their birth.
The reality caused Chris Gunness, a United Nations spokesman, to cry. Albeit, he did think that he had finished his report and was unaware that the camera was still running. 
The power of social media strikes again, and if nothing else it shows the rest of the world that the situation is enough to make a grown man cry.
These statistics speak for themselves, as do these.
What can we do? Cry, pray, bombard our politicians, donate to charities Save the Children or War Child?
Surely, any action would be better than none?

with thanks to Mohammed Salem/Reuters for the perficpic

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