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Who Wrote 'Be Prepared'?

By the time you read this blog, youngest giant will be on the bridge of his week of sun, sea and best not thought about.

Even though my feet haven’t left Blighty, I’ve organised hot weather day clothes, hot weather evening clothes, multi-tasking giant cleaner, giant’s de-fuzzing kit, sun cream, after sun cream, portable medical centre and currency! 

On the ‘what should I pack’ front, am I the only one that notices that, at this time of year, every possible form of media seems to be instructing us (women) on the absolute essentials required for the holiday season?

Everything from a certain type of swimwear (to make the most of every body type) to eyewear and eye makeup (the best waterproofs on the market – for those sexy eyes) and the medicine cabinet that is an absolute no brainer – just in case you get an allergic reaction/cystitis/diarrhoea/dehydration/headache/jellyfish stings or, more likely, just the plain old hangover.

Surely the male of the species must be hit with this type of sales pitch, in their blokey magazines. 

I'm certain that, come January, marketing companies are tasked with instructing us where to go and who to book holidays with, completing their journey of direction around June. Then, with a focus on what we should be packing and, if we haven't yet booked a holiday, where to go and book 'a last minute getaway'. Starting again at the end of August with an onslaught of winter holiday suggestions.

And so it was, giant ‘who is not a child’ departed with a case full of stuff, that will probably be cast aside, with the ready declaration of “this is what my Mum packed … SOo embarrassing!”

And I'm left with the hope that I didn't forget anything and that the only thing brought back is a case full of dirty washing and a memory bank of happy memories.

Now, who was it that said you never stop worrying?!

Oh, and the person who wrote Be Prepared? Well, Justin Case of course :)

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