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Like a pair of velvet lined Jimmy Choo Shoes

Last night I dreamt I went to Voewood again and when I awoke the transformation of dream to reality was confirmed. I had indeed returned to the butterfly house and the Festival held within its beautiful wings.

Holiday Apology

The best laid plans often go astray, even if you aren't a mouse or a man ... simply a return to work mother!

Selfish Mentality?

Selfish (adjective) concerned chiefly with one's own interests or pleasure actuated by or appealing to self-interest.
On the weekend of 16/17th August 2014, I wonder how many of you watched a Robin Williams' film?

Dying for la mode

I'm sure there's quite a few of us whose idea of weekend fun involves some mooching, window shopping and, if the bank balance allows, a few purchases - ideally to be worn that evening - whilst sipping a glass of something fizzy, with a menu in hand ... for example. Ok, bit too much of a glimpse into my mind there?!

Sleep obsessed

Whether it's because there's been a new addition to the Kitkat clan or the fact that my own nocturnal timetable is completely opposed to the perfect figure of eight sleeping hours, I find myself considering 'am I the only person who's fixated on sleep'?

Howe the Miller Led the Way ...

I’ve been fortunate enough to return for dinner at Morston Hall. Although at the top end of the meal deal experience, pound for pound it was far better value than another Norfolk venue, the subject of the post that Trip Advisor refused to link to!


A couple of years ago, I found myself in the position of easing into the big old social media pool. A new language, a new way of thinking, communicating and the image of a worldwide twitter trend for all things Bieber. That’ll be Justin Bieber of course - and his bielebers.

Save Our Children

 This is not a political post nor is it the usual Something for the Weekend post. 

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