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A couple of years ago, I found myself in the position of easing into the big old social media pool. A new language, a new way of thinking, communicating and the image of a worldwide twitter trend for all things Bieber. That’ll be Justin Bieber of course - and his bielebers.

 I had little knowledge of this cusp-of-an adult singer apart from the fact that one of the Beckham boys had the same ‘phone as him. Weird fact, that speaks volumes, I suppose.

As did the legions of fans - continually tweeting their undying affection and initiating multi-hashtag trends in the left hand column.

It’s of little surprise to me that I could almost hear the media hacks rubbing their hands together and spluttering over Justin’s recent antics, which have caused his sky high pedestal to wobble precariously. 

Many cackled when Twitter altered an algorithm, causing a #BieberDisappearance. For them though, the best was yet to come.

Having mouthed the ‘Wow’ word to an interview that seemed orchestrated to Vivaldi-esque proportions, I started to see the parapets slowly begin to crumble.

Underage drinking; drugs found in many a tour castle; a two hour tardiness with no consideration to those parents who’d purchased tickets and suffered the home journey with tired, distraught kids.

Thus came the bemoaning of an ‘arrogant git’ and a publicity machine had to fire into action and post tweets of poor J in his hospital bed (good boy, he had clean undies on!).

It continued with videos of the boy wonder urinating in a kitchen mop bucket (he should have gone before the journey, I’m sure his Mum was no different in asking THAT question, when he was a little boy); gobbing on fans below his hotel window and telling (vile) jokes incorporating that n-word - which cause me think – what was his Mum asking him when he was a little boy?

Stepping it up a gear, quite literally and we have the DUI charge (drunken driving to us Brits), in an inconspicuous yellow Lamborghini. His grandmother saying it was normal teenage behavour and finally, (although, whilst I say finally, I think you know that that may be wishful thinking), we have the Ibizan boxing match: Bieber v Bloom. 

Selena … why?

The sad thing is, this has all happened before. Isn't this the entertainment industry? Desperate, young performers wanting more than their fifteen minutes of fame, surrounded by 'friends' who wouldn't pass the friendship test when things get tough. We could just ask Tulisa.

Or, I could just add a final photo of the person that I nominate as my FIRST 'David' crush. 

This could be Justin Bieber's future and this could be the type of image that the bielebers' children have of him, as mine would have of my own teenage daydream.

with thanks to the Daily Mail for the perficpic :(

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