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Dying for la mode

I'm sure there's quite a few of us whose idea of weekend fun involves some mooching, window shopping and, if the bank balance allows, a few purchases - ideally to be worn that evening - whilst sipping a glass of something fizzy, with a menu in hand ... for example. Ok, bit too much of a glimpse into my mind there?!
I suggest that the recession enforced tightening of purse strings has created a diversion, by some brand loyal fans, to the doors of shops providing copycat designs at unbelievable prices
Sure, economies of scale will help achieve this - but what about reality of supply? Although British laws are meant to have eradicated the sweatshops in our country, should we shrug off any guilty conscience if we're paying to encourage a shift to a different location?
But before you groan that I'm being a weekend killjoy, I would never suggest you stop buying from the likes of primarni. If we did, it could equate to death by starvation, rather than crushed suffocation. 
All I'm suggesting is that we're aware of the facts around the reality and consider a revolutionary approach.
But whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope it's a good one :)
 With thanks to the Guardian & photo domain for the perfic pic

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